About Us

Motorsport always had a costant and intriguing evolution: like every other sport, triumph is obtained with a personal improvement on the athletic side and, in this case more then ever, on the technological side.
There is a branch though that is an exception, that requires a complex evolution that isn’t necessary to the pure performance. Engineering, materials science, biomechanics, medicine are only some of the disciplines involved, other then a total different one: ethichs, sometimes used as primum movens, sometimes as a consequence.


On this site you will find articles focused on this subject, with analysis of well known episodes as more obscure ones, since we grew a lot of interest and passion in this particular and overlooked branch of motorsports in the last years, and since febraury 2017 we started publishing on our Facebook page.
Safety is a sensitive subject, sometimes not fully understanded by the casual viewer, and usually revolves around tragic events. We write in the most unpartial manner possible, tryiing to be as complete as we can be, although being respectful as well.